Alberto Brandolini

Problems Solver

Alberto Brandolini is an IT Professional that gets bored doing things in the same old way. This led him into unexplored areas of Domain-Driven Design, Lean and Agile Software Development, learning and change management, where he likes to bring apparent chaotic fuzziness and a comic-like visual touch. An active consultant in software product development, he also run his company Avanscoperta.

He’s frequently invited as a clown speaker in many conferences in Italy (where he’s based) and around Europe.



The Learners’ Hypothesis

Espace Emile Laffon

Enterprise software development is mostly a learning endeavour. But the common way of thinking still frames it like a building and delivery type of job, and this perception is reinforced by tools and corporate habits too. Good news are that there’s plenty of improvement space once we embrace a different perspective and start improving the […]


EventStorming Workshop [EN]

Espace Emile Laffon

Wondering how big picture modelling can lead to better software and better companies too ? Traditional requirements gathering and modelling is broken. A simple recipe – bring all the key stakeholders in the same room and build a model of the whole business process, starting from Domain Events, collaboratively – led us to unexpected discoveries […]